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Réseau interuniversitaire québécois équité, diversité, inclusion

The RQEDI is an organization for the integration and promotion of the values of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in Quebec organizations. It includes the RIQEDI which is a non-profit organization for the university community. Their website contains many resources, training proposals, workshops and projects that are underway within the organization.

Principe de Joyce

This principle is a statement, a call to action and a commitment to governments. Joyce's Principle aims to guarantee all Indigenous people the right of equitable access, without any discrimination, to all health and social services, as well as the right to enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. . Sign the petition by clicking on the link.

Principe de Joyce

Hoodstock creates and operationalizes projects that aim to eliminate systemic inequalities: social forums, artistic initiatives, summer activities, introductory technology workshops, and more. Hoodstock also provides the North Montreal community with essential services, such as a legal clinic, a sexual violence prevention program, sessions to learn how to use tablets and laptops, etc. Your support allows Hoodstock to realize its many projects and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of North Montrealers.


Collectif Bienvenue

The Welcome Collective is an organization whose main mission is to mobilize the local community of Montreal in order to provide immediate assistance to the most precarious asylum seekers in the city. Welcome group volunteers reduce the difficulties faced by newcomers by helping them integrate into their new neighbourhood.

Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks

The GDEIB offers organizations a process to reach the level of best practices in EDI and to implement strategies that work as an integrated system. It allows you to be guided and to engage in substantive work on EDI practices in a systemic approach. The GDEIB is one of the tools available to guide those who wish to bring about change within their organization.

How to become a better ally? This podcast allows us to engage in a reflection that leads to a commitment to make concrete changes in our actions.

The Happiness Lab

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