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Education and Youth

Le Café Jeunesse Multiculturel


Montréal-Nord organization works with young people from different cultures, aged 13 to 30, offering psychosocial support.

Organization of Montreal-North, works with teenagers and young adults, aged 15 to 25, offering psychosocial services divided into three areas: perseverance and academic success, pre-employability and civic engagement.

L'Association des Jeunes de la Petite-Bourgogne

Le Centre Lasallien

Montreal organization, offers tutoring, summer day camps as well as sports activities to school aged children in the St-Michel district.

La Fondation
Trevor Williams Kids

Organization that offers academic and emotional support, sports programs and a sex education program.

Indigenous Communities

Pour 3 Points

Montreal organization, working with young people by offering sports coaches and “life coaches” to support them in their academic success, personal and social development.

Montreal organization, offers tutoring programs, drawing and leadership courses for teenagers from 12 to 17 years old, as well as discussion groups for teenagers.


Organization whose goal is to ensure that the Inuit culture and language continue to flourish, so that future generations benefit from the rich heritage transmitted by our ancestors in all their wisdom

Institut Culturel Avataq


Mikana is an Indigenous non-profit organization whose mission is to work for social change by educating different audiences on the realities and perspectives of Indigenous peoples.

Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochtones du Québec (RCAAQ)

Institut Tshakapesh

Provincial Association of Native Friendship Centers which has been campaigning for the rights and interests of Indigenous citizens in Quebec cities for 45 years, while supporting the Native Friendship Centers of Quebec that are affiliated with it. 

Political organization for the defense of the rights of the Atikamekw and Montagnais First Nations, which works to safeguard and promote Innu-aitun (Innu culture) and Innu-aimun (Innu language). It provides support for the conservation of cultural heritage, language planning and encourages artistic expression.

Organization whose mission is to contribute to the holistic health, cultural strength and success of families, individuals and the Indigenous community living in the greater Montreal area. Support programs for families, youth and employment, as well as language and craft workshops are offered, among others.

Montréal Autochtone

Cercle Kisis

Indigenous non-profit organization whose main mission is to work to bring people closer together and to promote Indigenous cultures, arts and heritage. 

Projets Autochtones du Québec

Indigenous organization that supports First Nations, Inuit and Métis people who are faced with precarious housing in Tio'tià: ke / Montreal. Shelter, housing and services that promote wellness and healing, and strengthen community are offered. 

Femmes Autochtones
du Québec Inc.

Organization that represents First Nations women in Quebec as well as Indigenous women living in urban areas.

Racialized Communities
Communautés racisées

Maison d'Haïti

Montreal organization, offers services to members of all ages of the Haitian community. Homework help, literacy for young and old, financial education courses, social and professional integration programs, summer day camps, perinatal and parental support as well as services in the event of domestic violence are offered.

L'Association Multiethnique pour Intégration des Personnes Handicapées (AMEIPH)

Montreal association, offers services to support social integration such as pairings, socio-cultural activities, sports and francization courses as well as help finding housing.



Organization that offers spaces for dialogue and mobilizing initiatives to eliminate systemic inequalities and develop supportive, inclusive, safe and dynamic communities.

Montreal-based organization, provides support and assistance in a culturally competent manner to Muslim women and families in difficulty.

Council of Black Aging Community in Montreal

Montreal organization, offers physical fitness support services, mental and emotional health support to English-speaking black senior communities.

La Chaire UNESCO

The UNESCO Chair brings together a set of resources (seminars, scientific articles, etc.) addressing the legal aspects concerning the diversity of cultural expressions. It is a university network focused on the protection and promotion of diversity through reflection and the sharing of knowledge on these issues.

Montreal organization, offers tutoring, a summer day camp and sports, artistic and cultural programs for young people in the Hodge-Place Benoît district. It also offers housing support, linguistic support as well as support for administrative or professional procedures. There is also a respite space and a food bank.

Le Centre Bon Courage

The Black and Indigenous Alliance for Harm Reduction offers a “Connect Prison” project which consists of monthly creative workshops within  Leclerc Institution (Laval's provincial women's prison). The aim is to hold a space for discussions that promote health and well-being in a prison context, and to break isolation by connecting incarcerated people with members of their communities.

L'Alliance des personnes noirs et autochtones pour la réduction des risques

L'Association de la Communauté Noire de l'Ouest-de-l'Île

Bilingual English-French organization that aims to break isolation, educate the public on various health issues. In addition, anyone interested in taking part in the organization or looking for more information is welcome. The association offers tutorials, activities via Zooms as well as conferences with the aim of educating, bringing together and engaging people in their communities. For example, discussion groups on how to confront racism, mentoring groups, reading groups for young black women, physical activity programs for seniors, computer assistance programs for seniors, etc.

Bureau de la Communauté Haïtienne de Montréal

Montreal organization that offers services to cultural communities in the metropolitan region of Montreal. It offers academic and professional support, a summer day camp, computer classes, human and material resources for administrative support, self-defense classes, parent-child stimulation activities, skills workshops, parenting services, mediation services between families and their children's school and a day center for seniors.

English-speaking organization in Montreal, offers services to black communities in the neighborhood of Little Burgundy. Desta notably offers tutoring programs,  professional integration programs and support in job search procedures.


Personnes migrantes

Centre d'accueil et de référence sociale et économique pour immigrants (CARI St-Laurent)

Montreal organization, offers services to support the social and professional integration of people immigrating to Quebec. Francization courses, housing assistance and assistance in obtaining financial support, drop-in daycare (6 months - 5 years) and support for school registration are offered.


Montreal organization, supports newcomers as well as all immigrant communities in their process of integration into the host society, in particular through francization and access to employment.

Le COFFRET est l’organisme régional en matière d’accueil et d’établissement des immigrants dans les Laurentides. Situé dans la ville de St-Jérôme, à quelque 50 km au nord de Montréal, le COFFRET œuvre depuis 1991 à l’encadrement des nouveaux arrivants et à la promotion de la régionalisation de l’immigration.​


BINAM creates the conditions to accelerate the integration process of newcomers in order to maximize their participation in Montreal community life.

Arts and Culture
Art et culture

Le Coffret

Fondu au noir

Montreal festival, annually celebrating Black History Month in Quebec for 10 years. Its program features panel discussions, in-depth interviews and music performances.

Black Theater Workshop is Canada's oldest black theater company and is committed to reflecting black culture and community by developing and providing visibility for black Canadian artists. Black Theater Workshop is an award-winning English-language theater company based in Montreal, Quebec.

Black Theatre Workshop

Librairie Racines

Specialized bookstore offering books from all walks of life as well as a fair place for racialized authors

Specialized bookstore and publishing house dedicated to First Nations literature.


Wapikoni Mobile

The Wapikoni mobile circulates communities and offers First Nations youth workshops to master digital tools through the production of short films and musical works.

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