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Anti-Racism Advocacy Group
for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Working in collaboration towards an inclusive community in health and education for all


Podcast hosted by Speech-Language Pathologist Marie-Philippe Rodrigue

Une Orthophoniste en coulisses
​Episode 64 (in French only): Le racisme systémique en orthophonie avec le Groupe d'Action AntiRaciste en Orthophonie et Audiologie

Need anti-racist and inclusive resources for your practice?

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Given that human communication is intimately linked to cultural identity, speech-language pathologists and audiologists have a professional responsibility to learn about the issues of racism

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Workshops & Trainings

Trainings customized to meet your needs in terms of equity, diversity and inclusion

What are the impacts of systemic racism in the practice of speech-language pathology and audiology?

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''As part of an audiology internship, my religious beliefs were questioned during the assessment of a patient. Then these questions became pejorative opinions and negative judgments about me.''

''It was only after several years of practice that I realized that the intervention material that I use are not very diverse culturally (eg: books, figurines, games with only white characters).''

''Challenging the competence of our colleague because they have a certain accent when speaking  French or because they are part of an ethnic minority.''

''During a discussion with a speech therapist working with First Nations children, she mentioned that it would be important to increase exposure to French at home (to the detriment of their mother tongue, which is on the verge of extinction).''

"We are told in our initial training - be aware of cultural diversity [...]. On the other hand, neither in my initial or ongoing training have I had or do I have opportunities to recognize my own potential biases and know how to identify them, how to act as an anti-racist ally."

''A lot of pressure on racialized families so that they “fit” into the expected Quebec mould. A lack of understanding by some school workers of the challenges faced by some immigrant, First Nations or racialized families.''

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