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My Clinical Practice

Assessment and Intervention


Website containing materials and information on assessment and intervention.  Particularly interesting for its reviews of tests and stories in sequence featuring main BI&R characters and including questions translated into several languages that can be downloaded for free.


Website presenting several free bilingual (English/Spanish) resources for speech therapy assessment and intervention. These tools can be useful for drawing inspiration and tools for bilingual assessments in other languages (eg dynamic assessment protocol).

Eval Interv

MAIN (Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives)

The MAIN (Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives) is an instrument for assessing narrative skills in children acquiring one or more languages, developed as part of the LITMUS test battery. MAIN exists for many different languages.


Subscription platform with nearly two hundred activities in French and in several languages (to date, French, English, Arabic, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Soninké, etc.) A secure space, without advertising , where children from 3 to 10 years old navigate independently. Resources for adults who accompany children in their learning (sound documents, translations and transcriptions) are made available.


Huit critères pour choisir des livres jeunesse respectueux des Autochtones

Difference or disorder? E-book from Bilinguistics

Section of the Faculty of Education website, Perspectives, Knowledge and Realities of First Peoples, which addresses the issue of choosing what works best to deal with Indigenous issues and knowledge in education.

Rapidly identify speech-language patterns related to second language acquisition to distinguish difference from disorder

Resources for Parents
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Agir tôt : Trousse de conseils langage en 8 langues

Tips for language stimulation kits. These kits where developed in consultation with the various actors of early childhood development within the framework of the project "Parc-Extension invests in its toddlers".  With the shared desire to reach the families of Parc-Extension, the creation of 12 language stimulation tools in 8 different languages.

Reading Rockets

Tips for stimulation when reading books for parents translated into several languages. Several advice adapted for autistic children, children with a language disorder, ADHD...

Conseils langage

Specialized bookstore offering books from all walks of life as well as a fair place for racialized authors.

Librairie Racines


Specialized bookstore and Indigenous publishing house dedicated to First Nations literature.


Children's literature albums in French, translated into several languages. Access is via the Biblius platform and the student's Mozaik account.

ÉLODiL (1).png

Trousse Premiers Peuples

Educational kits aimed at primary school students, presenting 4 to 8 illustrated stories per cycle, a teaching guide and reading comprehension activities, which can be used in French or in English (language of instruction) to teach students about 

j'enseigne avec litt jeunesse.png

J'enseigne avec la littérature jeunesse

Conte-moi la francophonie

Bibliography of children's literature by Benita Kanozayire and Annie Gravel, featuring BI&R main characters. 

This Francophone oral heritage resource center offers nearly a hundred tales recorded in different countries, in French and in the local language. Storytellers from different French-speaking countries lent their voices for the recording of these tales. To make it possible to use each of them, teaching sheets have been written by teachers from the partner country.


A mighty girl

Book recommendations centering woman of colour, important woman in history and indigenous authors and story tellers.

Institut de Développement Durable des Premières Nations Du Québec et Du Labrador

The website of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute (FNQLSDI) presents a series of books and comic strips intended for audiences of various ages (preschool, school, teenagers, adults) on the subjects of environment and sustainable development, in native languages, in French and in English. 

Storybooks Canada

Open source, free educational resource that promotes literacy and language learning in homes, schools and communities. Part of the Global Storybooks project, it makes 40 stories from the African Storybook available with text and audio in English, French and the most spoken languages of immigrants and refugees in Canada. They are also developing Indigenous storybooks and the Global Storybooks literacy portal.

Indigenous Storybooks

Resource designed specifically for children, families, community members and educators. Inspired by the free-licensed stories from Little Cree Books, this project aims to make the text, images and audio of the stories available in Indigenous languages as well as English, French and the languages most spoken by immigrants. and refugees in Canada.


Association for the Promotion of Cultural Diversity in Youth Culture, Literature, Films, Games, Series and Toys.

Maman Dayani

Mother of 3 children and elementary school teacher, she presents diverse literary suggestions on IGTV.


Children's literature blog presenting lists of children's books and albums featuring PNAR main characters. The books are classified into different age categories (pre-readers, beginner readers, autonomous readers and teenagers). 



Blog of Abena, a Guadeloupean proud of her African roots who shares her learnings about Afro-culture and its History. This website presents a list of children's books and albums featuring main characters with black skin, but also lists of adult literature, television series, podcasts and events that make the Afro Community shine. . 

Maeva danse et les oiseaux libres

Blog of a mother of racialized children, who teaches homeschooling, presenting three lists of children's books and albums featuring PNAR heroes and main characters.


A Different Booklist - Yolanda T. Marshall

Yolanda T. Marshall is a Guyanese-Canadian author. Her site presents 6 children's albums, 2 collections of poetry and her podcast.


We read too

Free app that makes it easy to shop for books featuring PNAR heroes and main characters. The books are grouped into different sections: albums, chapters, primary, young adults.

Miscellaneous Materials
Materiel divers

Illustrate your voice

Culturally diverse stock of images to use to make new material.

L'institut Tshakapesh

Online publications catalog of the Tshakapesh Institute including books, educational notebooks, novels, collections of poems, CDs, DVDs, etc.


Institut Culturel Avataq

Website available in French, English and Inuktitut, grouping educational material, activity sheets and various information. Its goal is to ensure that Inuit culture and language continue to flourish. Downloadable Inuktitut fonts.


LessonPix is an online resource to make custom printable materials.

Resources for Parents


Three applications: an application of an Innu dictionary, an application aimed at Innu conversation and a last application containing medical jargon in Innu.



Application allowing instant translation in more than 100 languages.


Graphogame - apprentissage de la lecture

Application développé

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