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Learning about and becoming aware of the issues experienced by BI&R people is the first step in contributing to the anti-racist movement. This section contains podcasts, documentaries, reports, articles and more. These resources will allow you to better understand systemic racism as well as its impacts in our society and our professions.

Equipping My Clinical Practice

The use of diverse and culturally sensitive material is crucial in order to ensure the quality of services and the positive representation of BI&R people within our community. This section contains several resources that can help you better choose your assessment and intervention tools and move towards an inclusive and anti-racist practice.

Building My Awareness

Educating Myself

Continuing education is a good way to continue your efforts to develop your skills and your cultural humility. This section features articles, webinars, and training that will enable constant learning to improve the quality of your practice. 

Engaging Myself

Want to be a better ally? This section brings together several organizations and resources with which you can get involved.

Community Resources

Partnership with community resources in the health, education and private sectors is essential. This section presents a wide variety of community organizations that support BI&RP in different ways and in different contexts.

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